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2 MUST HAVE vacuum attachments

Hi everybody, Steve Cain here at All Vacuum Center. We’re going to show you a couple specialty attachments to get in places your ordinary vacuum attachment just can’t reach. What I’ve done here, we’ve got a stool. And what I’ve done is put a bunch of rice underneath here. So imagine this is your couch maybe refrigerator, stove you’ve got pets maybe they kick their food underneath, like they do in our house. This is a 36 inch flexible crevice tool. It’s rubberized, it’s open on this and so when you go and start to vacuum the floor you’re actually vacuuming that surface. Show you how it works. I’m going to put it on my vacuum cleaner here. You can hear it’s picking up that rice. So if you need to reach it’s hard to get places, it will even pick up the animal hair as you can see. And then speaking of animal hair, if you ever have an issue with maybe steps or fabric where your animal sheds and the hair wants to stick to it a high-powered, what’s called a mini turbo. Where this, air flow of your vacuum cleaner, gives you high-speed spinning brush. Which then you can go vacuum those fabric surfaces. It’s like an upright in the palm of your hand. Just another the many specialty items we have here All Vacuum Center to make you clean complete. Come on in and see us!