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Dog hair stuck in your vacuum roller brush

Hi Steve Cain here at All Vacuum Center. You know what one the biggest pains of owning a vacuum cleaners is having to clean roller brush off. That hair, that carpet nap gets wrapped around but got to do it. It’s the only way the vacuum can clean. The brush has got be exposed and there’s a different vacuum cleaners that have issues with it. I’m going to show you one right here. This particular vacuum cleaner, this is one of our Dyson models. To clean the roller brush off here it a bit of a, you can see you, just can’t get in there so you have to literally go and grab a screwdriver start taking off the whole bottom cover then you hope you get put back together right. There’s other vacuum cleaner that think about this these are the true manufacturers who are looking out for their customer. This is a Sebo, with the push of a button I can pop the end cap, reach in and pull my roller brush right out take off the hair, carpets threads, whatever slide it back in, snap the cap on no tools required. Here we have a Miele, the other German vacuum cleaner and they’ve come up with really neat way to get hair and carpet nap of the roller brush. If you look closely at this roller brush there’s a groove down in here and as i turn a roller brush you’ll see another groove. Well what you do is you take a little pair scissors or your little razor knife you slice you slice, turn the machine and watch it suck the hair and the carpet nap right off the roller brush. Then, you have the American-made Riccar, another great manufacture who’s thinking about customer. When I flip this one over just with the move the two levers I can take my bottom plate off flip my roller brush out or if I just want to pull the hair off I’ve exposed it. I didn’t have to go through war just to get in a vacuum cleaner. You’re better manufactures are thinking about the customer. Your big box store manufacturers, their just thinking about money. I’m Steve at All Vacuum Center, we’ve got them all right here come in and see us!