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Make your vacuum Hepa filtered

Hi again Steve Cain here at all vacuum center you know a lot of vacuum cleaners talk about hepa filtration and a lot of folks here vacuum cleaners they might not be hepa filtered but they can be so many models we actually have hepa filters you can add to your current vacuum cleaner if you don’t already have one and make it more efficient for the filtration the fine pollutant that reentering the room and other vacuum cleaners that use bags you can actually step but many the models you can step up to a filtered bag you might be used in a paper bag. The hepa filter bags if they’re available for your model actually control those pollutants come back out to the room which is ideal for people with asthma, allergies that type of thing and just generally keeping house cleaner so come on and bring your vacuum cleaner, you bag, filter or whatever to see if we can upgrade you to hepa filtration keep your house cleaner.