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Miele Cat & Dog Upright vs the Dyson Animal

Hi everybody, Steve Cain back here at All Vacuum Center. Got my trusted dog, Cola in the store today with us. What we are going to do today, we are going to do a comparison between the Dyson Animal, the ball, and the Miele Cat & Dog. We are going to see which one picks up the best. What I’m going to do here, I’ve already spread out some animal hair out here on the carpet. I’m going to add a few other things to it. I’ve got some cat litter, that will represent the gritty stuff, the granules that gets tracked in. Here’s some rice. Then, here is some sand, all carpet has sand in it. It comes in off the concrete off the bottom of your shoes. Then we’ll work it in a little bit. Because not all just lays on the carpet, it gets buried in your rug. So we want to do a true, true measurement of what vacuum cleaner is picking up the most. I’ll start with the Dyson Animal Ball, this is a brand new one. What I’m going to do is keep cleaning one path. I’ll kinda go slow so we can really dig in there, deep clean that area. Alright, when I take this container off as you can see we’ve picked up a lot of stuff. Matter of fact, I’m going to dump it out. Snap it back on. And we’ll do it one more time. I’m going to stay in this one path. And really test the cleaning ability of the machine. Eh, we got a little bit more out. Now we are going to test the Miele Cat & Dog. Now the Miele is a vacuum cleaner that uses a bag instead of being bag-less. But what I’ve done here, I’ve got a little demonstrator. This is going to intercept what we might pick up so we’ll call it a bag-less vacuum cleaner for about 5 or 10 seconds. Now, I’m going to make one stroke. That’s all we’ll do. Just test the cleaning difference between these two. And in that one stroke, you can see what I got up after all of those strokes of that Dyson. Even emptying it and then running it again. It was still unable to get this out. Now what you don’t see in here, I put 4 things in that carpet. I had animal hair, rice, cat litter and sand. What you see in here is cat litter and sand. What you don’t see is rice and animal hair. Why? That stuff is easy to pick up. Any vacuum cleaner will pick that stuff up. It’s this stuff here that stays in your carpet and ruins your carpet. So if you’re an animal lover you’ve got the pets you want to get up the animal hair but you wanna get your carpet clean. You want to check out the Miele Cat & Dog. Come on in Steve’s All Vacuum Center. We’ll put on in your hand and see how it cleans for you.