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Sebo D4 Canister Vauum

HI everybody, Steve Cain here with Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center. Wanna show you the Sebo D4 canister vacuum cleaner. This is a gem. I’m gonna go ahead and flip it on up here, I got a little speed control so I can actually control the suction level of the machine. I can put it on a very low suction level, drapes, blinds something like that. Then I can speed it up all the way to full suction power. This is the power nozzle, this is the part you vacuum your carpet with. Put it in right and and flip it on
It practically pulls itself along the carpet. What I’ve got down here is some imitation animal hair and some rice. It will lie completely flat. So if you need to get under furniture, you can do that too. The wheels are rubber so if you want to go out on to a bare floor and vacuum, you can. It has a height adjustment so I can take it down to the lowest level or take it up to the highest level. But for true floor cleaning
You want to use what’s called a parquet tool. All soft bristle brush. So I can go out here on the hard floor.
Without scratching. You can get under the furniture, under the bed. You can do everything you are supposed to do with a bare floor tool. You can also do walls and ceilings with this tool as well.
The bag on the Sebo D4 is huge. It’s a gallon and a half. It hold a gallon and a half of dirt. Do you know how much dirt that is? A box have eight bags generally last most people at least one year. This is a high efficiency filtration system its hospital grade anti-allergy filtration. Think in terms of over here we like to call it Hepa. Over in Europe they have a different standard higher standard if you will. Does come along with three other attachments dusting brush, stair/upholstery attachment, crevice tool. All carry alongside for you. The furniture guard around it is nice and soft it’s like Lycra material so it won’t leave any marring on your walls. It will stand up on its end if you want to store it and go up steps. The hoses even crush proof and I can step on it. It will bounce back, I can tie it in a knot and untie it if I have too. This is German engineering at its finest. If wanna see more of the Sebo D4 come on to Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center. We’ll put one in your hand and let you test it. Thank you.