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Sebo Red Light Clog Warning – How to fix it

I’m Steve Cain here at All Vacuum Center. I’ve got a quick do-it-yourselfer for you Sebo owners. If you ever get your red light coming on saying bag full or clog, which I’m gonna make happen here just by blocking off my air flow. See this light come on, on the right. That means there’s a blockage, something is wrong either the bag is completely full. So naturally the first thing you do is open up take a look at your bag or change your bag but if still get that light coming on real simple all you need to do and no tools required. Flip your Sebo over there’s an orange trapdoor, you can open this up it’s spring-loaded and that is where we will pull out a lot of things. We’ll pull out Christmas tree ornament hooks, stir straws, pine needles. So there’s where blockage could possibly be. The other place that might be if you check that and it’s clear and your bags clear is literally within your house pull this out, obviously can look right through your pipe and see that there’s nothing in there you can actually pop your hose merely by squeezing and pulling and your hose comes out now you can see if there’s an obstruction in here too. Hey Steve back here, we just finished at Sebo video for a blockage or clog and the next customer in the door just that issue so we threw it on a bench real quick and you can see what I was talking about it the trapdoor my open this up and you can see it looks like it’s got a bunch of dead pine needles or something like that in there this is most the time we’re going to get a blockage so you just continue to pull this debris out of here. Get your blockage out totally. And go on your way. Again another quick do-it-yourselfer never touch a Sebo with a screwdriver if you do, you’re doing something should be doing.