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Sebo vs Dyson

Hi everybody, Steve Cain back here at All Vacuum Center. Right now what I’m going to do is a little Dyson vs Sebo. Upright vacuum cleaner comparison. We’re gonna compare the two vacuum cleaners see which one picks up the most dirt. What I’ve got on my carpet right now is some replica animal fur and we’re gonna spread out some more dirt. First off we have some cat litter. Throw a little rice out there. And then this is sand. We are going to work it in. Dirt doesn’t just lay on top get in the bottom of your carpet too. Okay so we’re gonna start here we get the Dyson DC 50 Animal Ball. Alright, I’m just going to stay in this one little path for a few more strokes. You would hope it would be clean by then. We got quite a bit up as you can see, there’s a lot in there. Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the Sebo. Sebo is a vacuum cleaner that picks up dirt other vacuum cleaners leave behind. Now ordinarily this vacuum cleaner uses a bag on the inside. But what I’ve done. There it is! I’m gonna make it bag-less just for a short period time. This is going to intercept so we can see what might have been left behind. We’ll make one stroke. Pop that out of there and what you’re seeing here, and I’ll open this, but there’s sand and cat litter in here what’s not in here is the hair and the rice because it’s easy to pick up. That’s big stuff. That’s what the Dyson was capable of getting. But this right here this is what gets left behind and pounded down by other vacuum cleaners. I’ll open it ever so gently. This is the fine grit and dirt that lays on the bottom of your carpet that ruined your carpet. That’s the difference As a matter of fact, you’ll even see some hair in there too. That’s some black dog hair because there’s my dog. That’s Cola. So the Dyson didn’t get it either. That’s the difference between a good vacuum cleaner the picks up you see and a great vacuum cleaner that picks up all the dirt even the dirt you can’t see. We got here at Steve’s All Vacuum Center. Come on in anytime! We’ll get you fixed up with one.