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What’s The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair?

Do you have a dog or cat? Maybe you have a few dogs and cats:) Steve of Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center examines the #1 question he gets “which vacuum is the best for pet hair”. All Vacuum is located in Northern Kentucky just minutes from Cincinnati. We are close to Florence, Hebron, Union, Covington, Edgewood and Villa Hills.

Hi everybody, Steve Cain back here from All Vacuum Center. In all the years my business the question I get asked most is what’s the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair? So I’m here to go over that with you what I’m gonna do show you a few different machines that are the best for the cleaning jobs that you might have. For instance, if you have one in upright vacuum cleaner, you’re partial to the upright vacuum got a bunch of animal hair spread out here on this red carpet. You want the best you got I think German. You want to go with German brands, they make and manufacture the best. So I got the Miele Home Care Upright, I’ve got a bunch of animal hair spread out here. So if you notice, I don’t have to keep going back over one spot. Now let’s say you are partial canister vacuum cleaner. But you still have that pet hair you need to get. Well again, Miele being German they make excellent canister as does Sebo. And that’s what I have here. The Sebo canister vac. And once again, just in one stroke, I don’t have to keep going back the same spot like you do with so many vacuum cleaners today. It gets up all this nasty animal hair. And the canister gives you the advantage, you can actually lay it completely flat. And get under a lot of your furniture. Maybe under you couch or bed. Now let’s say, all you have, you don’t have carpeting or maybe just a very little bit carpeting, you got more hard floor, hardwood, tile whatever it might be and again you still have a pet hair issue. What I would recommend it is a Miele canister, but it’s what’s called a straight suction canister. We don’t have a motorized powerhead, we have a straight nozzle nothing but pure power. When you go out onto that barefloor. You can see how it’s wanting to grab that hair before it even gets to it. Then, if I come over to the carpeting, I can actually do the tops of the rugs as well. This is a straight suction canister, again most for people who only have hard surfaces to clean. They don’t have the deep pile carpet that they need to vacuum. You need to think German. They make the best vacuum cleaners in the industry. I’m Steve Cain here at All Vacuum Center, come see us we’ll put you to work and see how it fits your hand.