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Which vacuum picks up the most dirt?

Hi everybody Steve Cain here at All Vacuum Center. You see the sign, see which vacuum picks up the most dirt. And that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna take a Miele Home Care Upright versus a Dyson Animal Ball Upright. So here’s what I’m gonna do, we’ll get started we’re gonna throw some sand out on the carpet. Put in some rice. Put some cat litter out there and we’ll add a little animal fur too for all you pet lovers then we’re going to work it in, ‘Cause dirt doesn’t just lay on the top of the rug get into the bottom of it too. Okay. We are going to start with the Dyson, it’s a brand new machine. Okay, we’ll vacuum a little more. We picked up quite a bit as you can see, there’s a lot in there I going to take the Miele. Now the Miele uses a bag my with my little guy right here I made a little thing called an interceptor. We’re gonna put a layer of filter in here. That’s what we’re gonna do. We are going to intercept. So I’m gonna take my Miele. Which is a bagged vacuum and I’m going to turn it bag-less for just few seconds. Eh, let’s see here. Now I’m going to make just one stroke. I want you to take a look how much I got outta there that is all sand and cat litter what you don’t see in here, you don’t see the rice and you don’t see the animal hair. That’s because that’s easy to pick up. Any vacuum cleaner will pick up that stuff once it’s laying carpet this is the stuff that lays down deep in a carpet that ruins your rug. You walk on it you cut the fibers away and you ruin perfectly good carpet because you think the vacuum cleaner that you’re using was picking it all up. If you want to get a great vacuum cleaner that will pick up the dirt you don’t see come on in Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center. Put a Miele in your hands.