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Why do vacuums have headlights?

We just shot that short little video too kinda show you what the importance of a light on a vacuum cleaner can mean to you Lights on vacuum cleaners are not there so that you can vacuum in the dark there to reflect objects that you really don’t wanna pick up. I would use the dime or diamond earring as an example. Hey if there’s a dime laying down there you really don’t wanna suck that up first of its money, secondly it could do damage to your vacuum cleaner depending on your vacuum. If it’s a diamond earring you definitely don’t want to suck that up. You want to bend over pick that up. So lights are there to reflect objects that could do damage or you need to be put in your pocket I’ll never tell anybody to buy a vacuum cleaner because it’s got a light on it. But I will let them know that there is a benefit for it other turning off the lights in the room vacuuming in the dark. Steve at All Vacuum Center, come in and see us anytime. We’ll put one in your hand.