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Did you know that the air inside your home is dirtier than the air

It’s true. The air you breathe affects you in so many ways.  It affects your sleep, your health, others in the home and much more.

The biggest filter in your home is your carpet All of the particles wind up dropping and gathering there. So it requires not only a great vacuum to get the carpets clean, but also to keep the fine dust particles in the vacuum instead of releasing back into the room.

Miele, Sebo and Riccar are such vacuums. Each manufacturer has created models that are superior at dust pick-up and containment.

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IQAir Purifier

And not only does a great vacuum make your home cleaner, it makes your carpets last longer by removing the fine, gritty particles that most vacuums leave behind. These fine particles grind away at your carpet, eating the pile away until you have worn patterns.

To complement your superior vacuum cleaner, the IQAir Purifier is the best air cleaner available. It filters 100 times greater than a typical Hepa filter air cleaner. With its amazing Swiss design and engineering, IQAir makes the air you breathe the cleanest of all air cleaners. Ask us how we can show you the difference an IQAir can make for you!