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All Vacuum Center Dyson Repair

Hi everyone State Cain here at All Vacuum Center talking to you about Dyson service. What I got from me here is a Dyson DC 17. What I have in front of me here is a mess. This is a Dyson that need a service. Take a look at a few things, this thing is dirty. The whole container of course is dirty and the dirt is on the outside. That dirt is supposed to be on the inside the vacuum cleaner not on the outside. Supposed to be a filter in here but there’s not, then on I’m going to flip it over, I’m going to take off the bottom cover just by turning three little screw tabs. Pull off the bottom plate. Now have access to your brush roll, your belt, you can see it’s for the animal hair and debris. This is one of the few Dysons that you can actually change a belt on. So you can actually put a new belt on this particular model, DC 17 and start cleaning like new again but it’s got a few other problems take a look back here it’s been clogged up too. Looks like it’s got all kinda gravel, birdseed or popcorn kernel, something like that. But the nice part about all this as we can make this machine like new again and it will be very soon. Bring your Dyson down here we’re Authorized Sales & Service. We’ll take care of it. We’ll make your Dyson clean like it supposed to, the reason why you bought it.