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All Vacuum Center Dyson Vacuum Hose Repair
Dyson DC 14, in this video Steve Cain of All Vacuum Center demonstrates how to replace the hose on a Dyson DC14. All Vacuum is location in Crescent Springs Kentucky just South of Cincinnati Ohio, we are an authorized sales, service and warranty for Dyson Vacuum Cleaners.

Hi Steve Cain back again with All Vacuum Center, talking about Dyson service. Right now I’m talking about hose replacement on a Dyson. The model I have in front of me happens to be Dyson DC 14 but on all them, hoses eventually will wear out. But they’re easily replaced. You can you can do this yourself really, no tools required. On this particular model all I have to do is disconnect the handle. I’ve already taking off I’ll my old hoes with just by pushing on these buttons take my new hoes, slide it up over click it in. Take my other end, it inserts. Just like that. Now you can clean your stairs and your car again so if you need a new hose, come on down and see us at All Vacuum Center we carry most of them in stock. Give us a call at 341-VACS, that’s 859-341-8227.