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Dyson Clutch Noise

Hi everyone, Steve Cain here at All Vacuum Center. Today we’re talking about Dyson repairs. One of the most common repairs we’ve seen Dyson with the following models: the DC 07 the DC 14 in DC 33 and what you’re gonna hear let me turn on for ya. YIKES! Wouldn’t want to run your vacuum cleaner like that for a long like that. What that is on these models is the clutch. It’s gone bad. And it can be replaced, it can also be a bad roller brush in there to causing that loud noise. What you don’t want to do is keep trying to make it work sounding like that so bring it in and we’re Authorized Dyson Sales and Service so we can fix it right for you, we have all the parts in stock come on and get a fixed up Dyson cleaning like new again Steve at All Vacuum Center, we’ll see you soon!