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Dyson DC28 AirMuscle Animal Service Issues

Hi Steve Cain at All Vacuum Center, Dyson Authorized Sales & Service. What we are talking today is about the Dyson DC 28 Air Muscle, The Animal. The problem that the DC 28 generally as originates up here at the top. We have a series of switches and if your Dyson Air Muscle is blinking lights, that means there something wrong one of two things it’s either the cleaner head itself, this whole portion right down here, needs to be changed out or the PC board on the inside or both. Don’t stick screwdriver, don’t try to fix it you won’t be able to. We can here at All Vacuum Center again Dyson Authorized Sales & Service. So keep your Air Muscle cleaning and get it in to us we’ll get it fixed up for you get back right away. Thanks.