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Shark Vacuum vs Miele Vacuum

A lot of you have been emailing me asking for another comparison video, but this time you want to see what the Miele does vs The Shark.  So what I’ve done is I’ve went out and purchased a brand new Shark Navigator Light Weight Pro.  It’s never been plugged in.  So let’s put these two, to the test.  Any vacuum can get what lays on top, that’s easy to pick up.  But what’s hard to get is the dirt, sand and grime that is embedded deep into your carpet.  As you’ll see in the video the Shark fails to get the dirt that’s embedded down into your carpet.  After a bunch of passes with the Shark and then only 1 with the Miele, we still got up a lot of deep embedded dirt with the Miele.  This is the stuff that ruins carpet because when you walk on it, it cuts the fibers of your carpet.  So my question to you is would you rather replace a vacuum cleaner or your carpet?  Now I know that the media will lead you to believe the Shark vacuum will pick up more than other brands, but as you see in this video that’s just not true.  If you’re only looking to get SOME of the dirt then a Dirt Devil will make them look pretty clean, but I don’t know anybody who goes to the trouble of going to closet to grb the vacuum cleaner to get SOME of the dirt.