We love our furry little friends, but sometimes the work it takes to maintain their little lives and keep our own also sane is enough to question our ever so popular moniker, “Man’s Best Friend.” It can be a challenge to encourage your pup to behave in a way that your best friend should! House training is one aspect of behavior training that has it’s challenges, both for your pet, and for you! The following are some widely accepted tips to help both you and your dog navigate the potty training process…

Keep a Schedule

Both solids and liquids move quickly through canine’s digestive system. If your pet has constant access to food and water, it will be more difficult for them to control their systems. Sticking to 3 meal times a day, with 3 corresponding opportunities to go outside, helps the dog (and owner!) develop restraint. Frequent trips outside are key; after playtime, after waking up from a nap, after chewing a bone, after being in their crate, etc.

Crate Training

Dogs are naturally clean animals. They don’t like to live on or among messes. Some may cringe at the thought of putting your precious little fluff into a metal cage, but it is a tried and true method to help your dog understand the proper place to eliminate. The crate should be just large enough for the dog to sit, stand, and turn-around. If their space is too big, your pup will likely mess in one corner and sleep in another. Most crates come with a divider that can be re positioned as the dog grows in size.

Correct Effectively

Even the best laid plans can not prevent all mistakes, and, crying over spilled milk is useless. Punishing your dog for making a mess in the house is usually a worthless act that results in nothing more than your dog being confused. Never physically punish an animal for voiding in the house, especially if the act has already passed. If you happen to get ‘lucky’ and catch your dog in the act of squatting or beginning to make a mess, pick your dog up and take them outside immediately. Focus your energy on positive praise when your animal behaves in the way you expect.

Clean up messes properly

If residue is left from a mess, a dog will likely use the same spot in the future because it’s attracted to its previous scent. It is important to soak up any urine before treating the area with a professional cleaner.

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