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It’s understandable that homeowners bawk at purchasing a vacuum; they are an investment and it can be stressful to see the price tag and equate hard-earned dollars into countless back n’ forths on ‘boring old carpet.’ Selecting and purchasing a vacuum should be an exciting and engaging experience; it’s a tool that can be used for many different projects, not just carpet! We encourage you to think of the vacuum selection process with an open mind because, with the right vacuum, it will take care of your carpet and beyond.


Finding the Small:

If you’ve lost something small in your house such as a small piece of jewelry, the hose attachment to your vacuum could be your solution. Take a nylon stocking and slip it over the end of the hose attachment and secure it with a rubber band. This will prevent the lost item from being sucked into the vacuum to be lost in a cloud of dust. Then, methodically run your hose attachment under furniture or in the general vicinity of where you might have lost your precious jewel.



Pet hair and dander are sure victims of a good vacuum cleaner, but what about going straight to the source to help curb shedding? If your pet is amenable, using your vacuum hose extension (with the proper attachment) is a very effective way to groom your furry friend. Many vacuum’s have available a special attachment designed specifically for grooming. Be sure to feel the end of your hose attachment to make sure there are no sharp or stiff edges, a brush attachment is best. 


Look up:

Ceiling fans, light fixtures, and untouched corners. The forgotten parts of your home are often the unreachable parts. Your vacuum can play a vital role in checking off those DIY cleaning and organizing projects that often fall to the bottom of the list. Beyond being useful for high-up cleaning conundrums, also consider the crevices that go unnoticed. For example, your dryer vent; a place that needs to be periodically cleaned to prevent dryer fires. Or, the nooks and crannies between and under kitchen appliances. Attachments designed specifically for crevices will aid you in your quest for the ultimate clean.


When you shop at Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center, we help each customer find a vacuum that is tailored specifically to their needs and lifestyle. We understand that choosing the right vacuum is both an investment and necessity so we work alongside our patrons to find and test the best models on the market. Vacuums are versatile tools that can greatly improve all aspects of maintaining a household…not just the carpet!