We all understand that cleaner environments and surfaces lead to better health. Considerable amounts of time and money is spent making sure that shared spaces, particularly those where food is prepared or eaten, are free of illness-causing bacteria. And yet the dirtiest surface in our daily environment often receives the least attention… OUR FLOORS.

Our Floors Are The Dirtiest Surfaces In Our Homes

Our flooring is the surface that most frequently comes in contact with pollutants and germs from the outside. Our shoes carry thousands of microbes including viruses and bacteria. These include E. Coli, a bacteria found in fecal matter that can cause numerous health issues. Think of all the places you wear your shoes each day that receive no cleaning or disinfecting; the yard, parking lots, sidewalks, garages. All of these places are subject to infected animal waste, which makes its way from the ground, to your shoes, to your home or business!

It’s Easy To Forget Your Home’s Floors Are Dirty

In the home, most of us think nothing of getting down onto the ‘clean’ floor. We exercise, sit and open a box, play with our children, perhaps even eat the last piece of pizza that fell off the counter (eww!). It goes without saying that without proper cleaning, these actions only bring you and your family in closer contact with the aforementioned microorganisms.

Offices and Businesses Floors Need Even More Attention

While these places are often subject to more frequent cleanings, they also endure considerably more foot traffic than a home. Think about the supermarket; it is stocked from floor to ceiling with products that manufacturers have gone to great lengths to keep clean and sanitary. And yet inches away is that floor, rife with the germs tracked in from the parking lot by the hundreds of shoppers each day!

Regular vacuuming with a quality machine, capable of removing dust, dirt, and allergens, is the easiest way to minimize the effect of these indoor pollutants on your health. At All Vacuum, we pride ourselves on helping you keep your home and business the cleanest it can be. 

The professionals at All Vacuum & Appliances are ready to help you weigh these important decisions. Our staff are not just salespeople; we truly know the ins-and-outs of vacuums and appliances. We can evaluate your current vacuum or appliance and help you to decide whether it is cost effective to repair, and if not, help you select a new vacuum or appliance that meets your everyday needs.

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