If you’re looking to buy a washer and dryer it’s important to know your needs and what kind of appliances are out there. Our goal is to help you find appliances within your budget and to make sure you do not miss out on new features. So before you go out to bring home a new washer and dryer, here are a few tips .

High Efficiency

Of course, what matters most is how clean your clothes come out. Today’s High Efficiency (HE) washing machines are called that for a reason. It’s no surprise then that HE machines have become increasingly popular since first making a splash on the market in the mid-90’s. HE machines use less water. less energy. less detergent and cleaner clothes. HE washers offer more capacity than traditional machines, because they don’t have a large agitator and they use less water. Washing more clothes at once means doing fewer loads! They produce less suds and keep clothes in constant motion as they wash, so experts say clothes get even cleaner.

Popular Feature Steam and Sanitize Washer and Dryer

Steam washers are said to be more energy efficient compared to regular washers. Because the cleaning is aided with steam, less water is required for each cycle. Less water means less energy used to heat it. Steam penetrates fibers better than water to release stains, odors and ground in dirt. Are steam washers and dryers worth it? The average cost of a steam washer will be more than a non-steam version but is well worth it in the long run. Paired with the upgrade to steam capability, you’ll typically also enjoy larger capacity and additional wash options like a quicker wash times and faster spin cycles. Plus your clothes will be sanitized.

What Is An Auto Dispenser In A Washing Machine?

The washing machine uses automatic detergent dosing, so you always use the right amount of detergent and fabric softener. The washing machine is designed to release detergent at the perfect time to maximize cleaning power and minimize waste. Just simply toss in clothes , and stored detergent is all ready to wash clothes just push the button.

Automatic Temperature Control

Automatic temperature control adjusts the hot and cold water to the appropriate temperature for each cycle. Washers without this feature just mix hot and cold water in preset amounts so a “hot” wash will be hotter in the summer than in the winter because the temperature of water from your main is higher. As water enters the machine, an internal thermostat adjusts temperature valves accordingly to ensure the exact right temperature for a specific load and cycle type is dispensed.

Wash Cycles

High end washing machines are bringing advanced cycle options for specific tasks. Each setting automatically adjusts its spin speed and water temperature for the perfect wash for that cycle. A few of the most common cycles:

  • Quick Wash – A cycle to handle an emergency wash faster.
  • Sanitization and Allergy Setting – Using the steam feature kills 99.9% of microorganisms with no significant carryover of bacteria into future loads.
  • Extra Rinse Cycle – If your skin is sensitive to detergent or you need to wash away pet hair or stubborn stains.

Make sure the washer you choose has the cycle options that best serve your family’s needs.

Built In Water Heater

A built-in water heater allows your washer to attain higher water temperatures than what your water heater can provide alone. This boosts the cleaning of whites and helps maximize allergen and sanitizing cycles. Higher temperatures can mean cleaner clothes but always check the fabric, delicate fabrics may not be damaged with higher temperatures.

What Is A Built In Water Faucet In A Washing Machine?

As the name of the product suggests, the washer boasts a built-in faucet. This gives you easy access to an instant water stream to rinse away loose soils. Now you can comfortably and conveniently pre wash your clothes and other items right in the washer.

Dryers Now Have A Wide Range Of Advanced Features

Just like washing performance, drying performance improved over the last few years. Dryers are designed to give clothes the perfect dry cycle without shrinking or damaging them. Following are some of the important features to consider.

  • Steam Cycle – This function makes it possible to use steam to relax stubborn wrinkles and reduce static. Another steam feature can refresh clothing that has been sitting in the washer for a while, waiting to be dried. Steam refresh makes them smell fresh and clean. The steam cycle is great for pillows, certain delicate fabrics and stuffed animals which cannot be put in the washing machine.
  • Moisture Sensor – In order to be more energy-efficient, modern dryers use moisture sensors to monitor when clothes are dry. Once the sensors no longer detect moisture, the dryer turns off automatically, potentially reducing drying times.
  • Dryer Settings – Modern dryers come with a wide range of options, each of which can provide more flexibility than you ever thought possible.
    • Automatic Dry – This is more energy efficient than a time dry because it causes your dryer to automatically shut off when clothes are detected as dry.
    • Regular/Heavy – This is the fastest and hottest setting of your dryer. It’s best to use this setting when you’re drying white or light-colored clothing.
    • Delicates – This setting uses low heat so drying time will be longer, this is the best setting to use for delicate fabrics.
    • Permanent Press – This setting uses medium heat while drying and is best used for colored fabrics.
    • Air Fluff – This setting is not used for drying, it actually draws in room temperature air to “fluff” out stiff clothing.
    • Reverse Tumbling – By periodically alternating the direction of the rotating drum, a dryer can avoid tangled, knotted up clothes that result in a damp section.
    • Extended Tumbling – By continuing to keep moving after the drying cycle is complete, tough to iron wrinkles can be avoided and clothing fabrics are kept safe.

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