The process of choosing a new dishwasher can be complicated. There are so many different brands, models, and styles of dishwashers! If you have not been in the market for a while you may not even recognize some of the modern machines. New machines have all kinds of custom cycles and WIFI connectivity. The following gives you 8 types of dishwasher features to help you narrow your search by knowing what is important to you…

Cleaning Power

Getting your dishes and glassware clean is what it is all about. Many dishwashers will give you the cleaning power you are looking for. But there are lots of extra features on the present-day dishwasher that can boost the cleaning power. Some feature a sprayer for sports bottles and other types of glassware. Or some have specially designed cycles to get rid of baked-on grease and foods. So you need to stay focused on the features that matter to you and not look at flashy features that you will never use. One of the main culprits for not cleaning so well is hard water. If your area is known for hard water choose a dishwasher that includes water softeners in their dishwashers to get crystal clear glassware. Also, be sure and get a professional installation to make sure there are no issues with your dishwasher. And placement in the dishwasher of your dishes can affect how well they are cleaned. Check your dishwasher manual for guidance in this respect.

The Drying Cycle

A dishwasher that can’t dry effectively isn’t worth much. Some dishwashers have heating elements that heat up to 170 degrees to dry dished. This heat can bake food or calcium deposits onto your dishes. They all melt plastic pieces. The most advanced energy-efficient drying technique is the use of a stainless steel tub. The steel wall allows for condensation-based drying and will not melt plastics or bake on food. They remove moisture from dishes at the end of each cycle. Budget-friendly dishwashers use plastic tubs but can’t heat up enough to dry the condensation.


You want to be able to run your dishwasher and have use of the kitchen and dining room. If you do not choose a quiet performance dishwasher you will be sorry. Fortunately, there are many options available. Just know how to understand decibel ratings. 40dB is ideally what you want to find in a dishwasher. Insulation and overall quality have increased and mean quieter machines. The three general levels or greater than 50bB noisy, below 44dB and 49dB are moderately quiet, and less than 44dB extremely quiet. Anything lower than 48dB will serve you perfectly.


Dishwashing cycles use different temperatures, times, and energy to offer the appropriate cleaner for your dishes. Deciding on which dishwasher cycle to use depends on what you’re washing and how dirty the load is. Brands have distinct names for their cycles, but most offer a universal set of related cycles for specific tasks. The important thing is to have enough cycles to cover your personal needs. Dishwasher wash cycles & options…

  • Normal
  • Quick Wash
  • Sensor
  • Heavy Duty
  • Prewash
  • Delicate
  • High Temp Wash
  • Sanitize

Some brands add custom wash options…

  • Delay
  • Steam wash
  • Half load
  • Extra dry

High Tech Smart Dishwashers

Nothing can spoil a delicious dinner like a stack of dirty dishes. Fortunately for you, that scenario can be a thing of the past thanks to the latest in dishwasher technology. WiFi-connected, self-diagnosing, auto-air-drying, operation schedules, and more – today’s smart dishwashers are marvels of cleanliness and convenience. With a WiFi connection, you can control your dishwasher from your smartphone. You can check the remaining cycle and general dishwasher maintenance info remotely. You can select cycle and custom opinions from your smartphone. You can also lock the dishwasher so that it will not function until unlock them from your smartphone.

An Ergonomic Update for your Dishwasher

One way that loading and unloading dishes from a dishwasher can be a bit more annoying than unloading a counter-top dish rack: Thoughtful manufactures offer the smart arrangement of racks and tines, plus the use of more compact tine patterns to enable more closely packed dishes. Spray arms and nozzles give you quality cleaning in this advanced dishwasher. Adjustable racks give extra room for large or tall items. Never buy a dishwasher without looking inside. You want to get a sense of how customizable and adjustable the interior will be.

Interior of Dishwasher

Does it matter what material the interior of your dishwasher is made from? The answer is yes Stainless steel tubs will drive up the cost of your dishwasher, but they boost drying performance and they are also more durable and easier to maintain than the plastic tub interior. Plastic will be cheaper and will not affect the cleanliness of your dishes but it will affect the drying capability.

EnergyStar Rating

ENERGY STAR is the trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. The ENERGY STAR label was established to: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy. Choose a dishwasher that will have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. The rating speaks to how efficiently an appliance uses resources, whether electricity or water.


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