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In this modern era, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve all of our problems with a quick internet search. Health problems, house repairs, car troubles, computer malfunctions…everyone has a solution on the internet! And while some internet searches are fruitful and provide useful  and accurate information, there is a plethora of unfounded ‘research’ that can do more harm than good. It’s always best to seek out industry professionals who have experience in the specific problem you are trying to solve. 


Spot cleaning carpets after spills or messes is a common problem many people have to face. Because of the wide array of materials used to make carpets, and the wide array of things to spill on them… the DIY advice spectrum runs wide!


Here are 3 common household products to avoid when spot cleaning your carpet:

Dish Soap: Designed to remove grime, grease, and food particles from kitchen wares, dish soap is specifically designed to work only when completely rinsed from the surface it’s attacking. That’s nearly impossible to do on a carpet floor. If dish soap is not extracted from the surface, it leaves behind a brand new residue on top of the original stain.


Vinegar: The sweetheart of the DIY cleaning department, vinegar works well as a natural disinfectant, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work as a carpet cleaner. It’s one of the least effective solutions for dirt or soil; even when mixed with baking soda. Mixing vinegar with other solutions, like hydrogen peroxide, is very harmful and will create an acid that can cause health problems.


Water: Depending on the acidity of the stain, water has the potential to re-activate the acidity of the stain and make it more permanent. Ink, nail-polish, or any oil-based stain will not react to water in a positive way. If your goal is to keep the stain damp before a professional can arrive, use club soda or seltzer water, not tap water.


The best and most efficient way to deal with a stain is as follows:

Blot the spot with a clean towel to remove excess moisture. Do not scrub back and forth, or you will risk permanently damaging the carpet. Treat the spot with an industrial strength carpet spray, available for purchase at Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center. Follow the instructions on the bottle of carpet spray for best results. 

After following the bottle’s instructions, it’s best to vacuum the spot with a high-quality vacuum. Make sure the vacuum has enough power to allow the carpet to be dry in 6-12 hours, or you may damage the carpet from keeping it too wet. 


Don’t get stuck in a bind, trust Steve Cain’s All Vacuum Center to handle all of your carpet cleaning questions and needs. WIth a wide selection of vacuums to meet each home-owners needs, All Vacuum is Northern Kentucky’s best solution when it comes to keeping your floors clean and spotless!