Chances are your vacuum cleaner came with vacuum attachments. The accessories for your vacuum are supposed to be helpful — not confusing. But with busy lives, it’s not uncommon to default to the same one all the time or just totally skip using the accessories. The following will give you the nitty-gritty on all the attachments, so you can make the most of your next cleaning session…


Soft Brush 

Do you have mostly bare floors in your home? If so protect these floors from scratches, the floor attachment comes equipped with a soft brush. You should clean this brush from time to time to keep it from becoming clogged with dust and debris. If you have mostly bare floors you may want to purchase an additional wide bare floor attachment. It is important to get a quality bare floor attachment that pivots and swivels to get around the legs and tables and chairs easier.


Upholstery Brush

How do you use an upholstery brush? Using a fabric upholstery surface attachment helps prevent undue wear and tear, so regular cleaning is a must. The non-slip grip and stiff scratch-free bristles of the upholstery brush will help you keep your interior clean by loosening dirt and debris. The upholstery brush is great for vacuuming not only the cushions but underneath the cushions as well since this area seems to be a magnet for crumbs and debris. If you have pests, the upholstery brush is especially helpful. Use this attachment to vacuum curtains and drapes. If the fabric is thin, remember to reduce your suction power.


Dust Brush

The dust brush is round with long, soft bristles and it helps whisk windowsills, bookcases, framed art, lampshades, and blinds. If your vac is equipped with variable suction, you can also use it for more delicate tasks, such as cleaning around knick-knacks. Use the extender to remove cobwebs from the ceiling and dust from the light fixtures. Dusting with the vacuum is so much better than with a rag or a feather duster it sucks up the dust and deposits it in the vacuum cleaner bag instead of just whisking it into the air of your home.


Crevice Tool 

The crevice tool can clean the tiniest of places such as door tracks or car window slots. A crevice tool for a vacuum cleaner is one of the most useful attachments that you could receive with your vacuum cleaner. Attach it to the end of the extension wand and you will be able to reach places that you could never reach before. Get the crumbs out of the keyboard and debris from the crevices of your car. Clean the dryer vent and home heating vents and refrigerator coils.



The extender will let you reach further. It extends the length of the vacuum hose and can be paired with another vacuum attachment, which fastens to the end of the wand. Use the extra length for getting to those high, low, and hard-to-reach places, like the ceiling fan, under the fridge, or behind furniture. Attach the wand to your vacuum and twist on the attachment you want to use to the other end. With this handy tool, dust can no longer hide from you.

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