What was once reserved for The Jetsons is a reality! Over the last 20 years, the robot vacuum has been steadily gaining a piece of the vacuum market. But the convenience and advanced technology comes with a hefty price tag and a degree of skepticism. How reliable are they? What kind of space and flooring are ideal? Can they handle pet hair and children’s messes? Will I still need my upright? Before shelling out hundreds of dollars, let’s explore these valid concerns.

  • How It Works – The robot vacuum starts by getting a lay of the land. Using a combination of lasers, sensors, cameras, and some programming, the robot vacuum maps out the area to be cleaned. They can even go under furniture with a clearance of 6” or more. Higher end models also have the ability to empty themselves, work on a pre-programmed schedule, and even go up and down stairs.
  • What It Can Do – The popularity of the robot vacuum is no accident. A model of medium to high quality will do a fine job of keeping the majority of your floor space clean and free of debris. Robot vacuums perform best on hardwood floors and shorter carpets. They can handle most dry messes, such as crumbs and hair, with ease. Some even have both wet and dry cleaning capabilities.
  • What It Can’t Do – This one is simple… it can’t replace owning an upright. The shortcomings of today’s robot vacuums demand that a homeowner continue to own a traditional vacuum. Cleaning upholstery, drapes, curtains, all require use of a hose extension on a standard upright. Robot vacuums also struggle with tassels on area rugs and fail to clean thick carpeting as well as a standard vacuum.
  • Maintenance-Free? – While you will certainly save considerable amounts of time using a robot vacuum vs. doing your own sweeping, it is not completely maintenance free. Like any vacuum they have to be cleaned from time to time. Even the best of them will find a way to get stuck somewhere. Robot vacuums are known to chew up cord, string, and wire like a puppy chews up sneakers! And there will definitely be a learning curve as you and your robot vacuum figure out how to approach cleaning all the parts of your home.

Despite the challenges and relatively few shortcomings, today’s robot vacuums will generally do a great job of keeping your floors as clean as they’ve ever been. And all while you put in very little effort! So if you’re looking to save time and are able to bear the financial hit of the purchase, a robot vacuum can be a great solution to helping your home stay clean. However as previously stated, you WILL need to keep that upright on hand for that deep clean and to reach vertical surfaces.

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