The first time you roll a brand new vacuum over your floor, it’s like driving a new car off the dealership lot; you are in awe of its majesty, as its efficiency puts your old one to shame. But like a car, over time issues can slowly creep into your vacuum’s performance. They may go unnoticed at first until one day, remembering back to that first run, you suddenly realize your vacuum is no longer performing at its peak. Let’s consider some of the more common vacuum issues indicative of much-needed maintenance…

Loss of Suction

Arguably the most common complaint of a malfunctioning vacuum, loss of suction, for lack of a better word, sucks! The first step is to empty the bag or canister completely. Next, check the filters. Dirty filters must be cleaned or replaced to keep your vacuum performing at its best. If that doesn’t fix it, then just bring it by and we help you see what the problem is.

A Bad Smell

There’s nothing worse than trying to clean your home, only to have your vacuum spread odors that thwart your efforts. Oftentimes, bad smells from your vacuum are the result of an issue with a belt or the brush roller. Regular maintenance of these parts is required to keep them clean and free of tangles and debris. A thorough cleaning of your machine can also help eliminate undesirable odors. We can help.

Grinding, Squealing, or Rattling Noises

If you suddenly notice an unusual noise when your vacuum is running, this can be an indication of a foreign object stuck in your vacuum. If you can’t locate an obstruction, it may be a more serious issue with the motor, fan, or both.

No Power Or Your Vacuum Shuts Itself Off

If your vacuum fails to power on at all, there is likely an issue with the wiring or circuitry. Finding and replacing the faulty parts is necessary. A vacuum that turns on but suddenly shuts itself off is a sign the motor is overheating. Airflow to the motor is restricted, causing the motor to overheat and shut itself off to avoid damage.

The professionals at All Vacuum & Appliances are ready to help you weigh these important decisions. Our staff are not just salespeople; we truly know the ins-and-outs of vacuums and appliances. We can evaluate your current vacuum or appliance and help you to decide whether it is cost effective to repair, and if not, help you select a new vacuum or appliance that meets your everyday needs.

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