Our modern society offers so many choices; too many choices, if you ask some. Choices that are often inconsequential in the big scheme of things, but nonetheless, choices that give each of us the ability to live our best life and personalize our possessions to fit our needs. Electric or manual toothbrush? Laptop or Desktop computer? French doors or Sliding doors? Bar soap or body wash? Electric or Gas Range? Choosing between these options often accomplishes the same goals…cleaner teeth, cooking food, etc. but each has different benefits and takes the consumer down slightly different paths to suit their needs. The choice between a vacuum that uses a bag and a vacuum that is bag-less is a choice that might feel inconsequential to some, but it’s an important decision each homeowner must make! A good vacuum is an investment and it’s a choice that should be made with serious consideration.

Which is Better? Bag or Bagless?

You will find a myriad of opinions! Again, all vacuums are accomplishing similar goals, but each has its benefits based on your personal needs.

Bagless Vacuum Pros and Cons

Bagless vacuums have the potential to save you money because you don’t have to purchase replacement bags. But, many of the bagless vacuums do require periodic cleaning and, depending on the brand, need replacement filters (every 6 months or so). When emptying a bagless vacuum, you do release some of the particles you just sucked up back into the air. Even the most careful canister emptying cannot avoid the errant dust particle escaping. Also, if it’s emptied in a main trash can, every time someone adds something on top, more dust is likely to billow out. This process can be especially agitating to those who suffer from dust allergies or asthma. Bagless vacuums tend to be a good choice for a guaranteed experience; someone who vacuums often and desires neat and tidy floors throughout their home. Less maintenance, quick emptying capabilities, and no keeping track of bag inventory and replacement.

Bag Vacuum Pros and Cons

Bag vacuum cleaners are a more suitable option for households that need an improvement in air quality. These vacuums produce less dust, remove more contaminants from floors, carpet, and upholstery. In general, bagged vacuums need to be emptied less often than their bagless cousins.

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