With all household appliances, we eventually come to a point where we must consider cleaning, repairing, or replacement. Sometimes this is brought on by the allure of a new product with improved features. But in many cases, this dilemma is forced upon us by an older machine’s mechanical issues or noticeable decline in performance. In the case of a vacuum, it essentially has ONE job. And when it begins to fail at that one job, it’s time to decide if it can be revived or it is time to move on.

Has the Vacuum Been Given Proper Mainteance?

Have you been dedicated to consistent maintenance of your current vacuum? Do you remove clogs promptly, cut tangled hairs out of the rollers, and clean/replace belts and filters on a regular schedule? Many of us are guilty of ignoring maintenance on our vacuums until they scream out for our attention in the form of malfunction. The cold hard truth is, like your car or lawnmower, vacuums too require regular cleaning and maintenance to prolong their lifespan and perform their best. When we are talking about vacuum longevity, we are really asking, “How good is the suction and how long will that level of suction last?”. Like most things in life you will get what you pay for. The higher-end brands (Dyson, Riccar, Miele, Sebo) are going to cost more but, with proper maintenance, will generally have a longer lifespan. They may even come with a warranty.

Weighing Age vs Cost of Replacement

When it comes to repairing or replacing, it is best to weigh the vacuum’s age vs. the cost of repair or replacement. It is generally worth considering a repair on any vacuum under 5 years old. Higher end brands are generally the most cost-effective to repair, while an inexpensive upright vacuum will likely be cheaper to replace. Regardless of make or model, all vacuums reach a point where they are too old to repair. Essential parts wear out and eventually become unavailable at which point the decision to replace has been made for you

The professionals at All Vacuum & Appliances are ready to help you weigh these important decisions. Our staff are not just salespeople; we truly know the ins-and-outs of vacuums and appliances. We can evaluate your current vacuum or appliance and help you to decide whether it is cost effective to repair, and if not, help you select a new vacuum or appliance that meets your everyday needs.

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