Upright and Canister are two of the most popular general vacuum types available. In some of the areas, they are actually pretty similar. While uprights vacuum cleaners have long been the most common type of vacuum cleaners in the US, more and more households are now choosing canister vacuum cleaners instead. We would like to show you the pros and cons of both types, to help you make the right decision based on your needs.

What is a Canister Vacuum Good For?

Stairs are the biggest reason for choosing a canister vacuum. Canister vacuums are ideal for stairs. The powerful suction head that extends away from the vacuum makes it ideal to get to spots an upright cannot reach. It is also ideal for getting under or above furniture and for doing the upholstery. Canister vacuums are lightweight and this is ideal for transporting. They are less noisy and they also are wonderful on hardwood floors. The canister vacuum is composed of two components in separate units. The body is attached to a powerhead using plastic tubes and a hose. The body unit which contains the bag container is wheeled around separately behind. Canister units can usually reach places upright vacuums cannot because of the capacities of the extension to any length using attachment tubes. Canister vacuums are lighter but also tougher to store due to their bulkiness.

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What is an Upright Vacuum Good For?

If you have lots of carpets you will want an upright vacuum they are the preferable vacuum for quick cleanups. They are easily maneuverable. This makes it ideal for those with any kind of physical handicaps such as back or joint problems. The upright vacuum never requires you to bend over. For a one-story home with no stairs, the upright vacuum will usually be your choice. In the USA the upright is by far the most popular type of home vacuum. A dirt container with a motor that both attach to the power cleaning head creates a single unit that moves together while standing hip-high for the user. Most new units are self-propelled which makes them easy to move across your floors. The upright is usually heavier than the canister unit. Almost all uprights come with a variety of attachments—extra brushes, hoses, and other tools—to make it easier to clean more than just the floor. These tools are meant to help clean different surfaces and difficult-to-reach spaces.

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Similarities of Upright and Canister Vacuums

If you’re looking for a definitive answer to whether upright or canister vacuums are best, there isn’t one. All have a range of excellent features, as well as some areas where they fall short. The type of vacuum cleaner you should buy depends on your needs and preferences. Canister vacuums are arguably the best option for getting into nooks and crannies. Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to use and are often the quickest option when vacuuming large rooms without too many obstacles to maneuver around. Both are available with bagged or bagless options as well as cord or cordless options. Both come with a HEPA filter and air purifiers. They are more the same than different and your personal needs will determine which is best for your home.

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