Well, you know the old saying “you get what you pay for”. Vacuum prices range from $75 to $2,000+. But with over 500+ different models out there, where do you even begin to figure out which one is best for you and your home? There is no exact amount you should pay. We would like to show what you can expect in each price range.

Up to $100 – Some Suction

If you’re looking for a vacuum under $100, you will be making a lot of sacrifices regarding performance. Vacuums have become more affordable over time but at this range the vacuum is basically a “use it until” it breaks” type of machine. No need to try and fix a machine at this price level. There are some limited choices between extra tools between the models at this price point.

$100-$200 – Floor Adjustment Technology

This price vacuum cleaner usually has automatic floor adjustment technology. It will have the ability to change settings between hard surfaces and carpets automatically. It will not have all the bells and whistles but at this price, the range you will start to get some customization decisions.

$200-$400 – Filtration and Some Advanced Features

This is the price range where a lot of the heavily marketed vacuums are found. These vacuums will include HEPA filtration, which is a major plus for allergy sufferers or anyone looking to minimize dust and dander in the home. Usually, it will be certified as asthma and allergy-friendly choice. As you’d expect, these models will produces superior suction to those in the price points below on both hard floors and carpeted surfaces.

$400 and Above – Serious Cleaning and Many Features

These are the highest level of vacuum cleaners and you will have options of upright vacuums and canister vacuums. Both vacuum cleaners will offer bagged or bagless options. These vacuums will offer also offer HEPA filtration. In this price range, you will get all the bells and whistle not seen in other vacuums. These are the vacuums that you get repaired if something goes wrong. These are the vacuums you will be able to see in All Vacuum Center’s showroom.

Quality Vacuums in this Range

The professionals at All Vacuum & Appliances are ready to help you weigh these important decisions. Our staff are not just salespeople; we truly know the ins-and-outs of vacuums and appliances. We can evaluate your current vacuum or appliance and help you to decide whether it is cost effective to repair, and if not, help you select a new vacuum or appliance that meets your everyday needs.

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