So What’s Up With The Monkey???

Spring 2021

In 1975, All Vacuum Center purchased a building at the corner of 20th and Greenup Streets in Covington. It was a used vacuum cleaner shop that did repairs at that time. Upon possession of the building, not the business, there was left behind a Chimpanzee mounted on a base over a vacuum motor. It would inflate and deflate every 15 seconds. It was life-like. Not a balloon. Not plastic. But rather, it was heavy rubber with hair, eyes, and looked very real! It remained in the store window for over 3 decades. People knew the store as ‘the place with the monkey in the window.’ They would call and ask if we were “that store.”

In 2006, All Vacuum Center opened a second location in Crescent Springs, keeping Covington open as well. It was decided that since we had a bigger store, we needed a bigger monkey. Plus the original monkey was still holding its place in the window in Covington! Soooo.. we obtained the current large ape that has sat outside of All Vacuum Center every day since November of 2006. We appreciate passers-by stooping to get photos with our big ape mascot!

The original store covington store has since been closed and the first monkey IS inside the current store. He’s a little aged now but customers still remember him. We never officially gave our mascot a name, so in 2020 we ran a contest and the winner was… Andy Buttermilk!

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